Wednesday, October 9, 2013


We have a nit infestation. Oh Lord. Before today, I had no idea what chaos this would create.
I stupidly attempted a 3 head at once eradication tonight on my own. Shan't be attempting that again single handedly. Absolute hysteria ensued and to be honest it was all understandable.  The smell of the treatment spray was enough to tip them over the edge let alone the the 3x hair wash (treatment, plus shampoo, plus conditioner and three times comb). We've worked so hard on bath time over the past 16 weeks and I worry this is really going to put us back.
10+ towels, 1 sodden bathroom, 3 traumatised children, one of which is asleep in my bed not her own (what would SS say!) and plenty of dead nits = a much deserved glass bottle of wine.

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