Wednesday, January 15, 2014

It's true

It's true, most of the people who blog are the ones who have the shittest time (or so I am told). I suddenly realised I too am guilty of only putting pen to paper when the shit has hit the fan. The truth of my adoption journey so far (6 months) is that a huge amount of it has been magic. Each school holiday has been a milestone. Summer was mental in more ways that one and nearly left me in an asylum. Half term went better, even if we did have our first big sickness (croup). Ever heard a seal bark, me neither until October 2013.
Christmas was a revelation, we expected the worst and actually it turned out great. Guards were then let down, battle attire came off (ours), we realised we couldn't recount the last bite, spit, punch, tail snip, kick. Admittedly the car got keyed again but that was down to over zealous wand work en route to Harry Potter Land (forgiven). Everyone smiled (at least once), dinner was eaten, presents were unwrapped and chocolate was shared. Seriously, we even survived the in-laws and out-laws in the same room.
Nativity didn't go terribly, one lasted 30 seconds, another 3 minutes but in better news, the one least likely to survive a public show of confidence sang her heart out and did a dance routine.
Teachers have unfortunately come, gone and slipped a disk but we've coped with that too. Mummy was a dinner lady but that's another story and all the while we've ticked along.
Friendships are formed, if not for all them, for one and that's a start.
Talking of friends I went to ones' for dinner the other night and noticed a sign in her kitchen, it read "Don't forget, to the outside world, we're just a normal, happy family', I laughed so hard I almost forgot to put it on my wishlist.

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