Thursday, September 12, 2013

"All About Me"

The littlest one had her first day at school yesterday. All went well.

She brought home a note in her book bag. "The first activity this term is entitled All About Me and will be a chance for your child to tell us all about themselves and their family. Please send them to school on Monday with a picture of them as a baby."

So simple for everyone else but so so hard for Mini M. I won't lie when I say I cried when I saw it. Seems so unfair for her to have to talk about this when she is only just beginning. We have one grainy baby photo, she is hardly visible and what you can see of her shows a pale, tiny baby with sad, scared eyes. Everyone else will have hundreds to choose from, Christmas, first birthday, with favourite teddies, parents, grandparents.

How is hers going to look next to all of the others? Off to speak to her Social Worker and hopefully find my magic wand.

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